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Client's Home Care Regimen

Cleanse the face by applying about a teaspoon of cleanser, massaging over the entire face in circles for about 30 seconds and rinse with tepid water. Be sure no excess cleanser is left on the face.

Apply freshener on moist sponges and wipe the entire face well, turning sponges until all traces of dirt, oil and makeup have been removed. Apply freshener again by spraying or by using the fingertips and patting the skin.

In the morning, apply a peanut size amount of day cream on a clean, toned, (after freshener) face and neck. Massage it in well. 

Wait until dry before applying makeup:

At night before going to bed, apply night cream on a cleansed and toned (after freshener) face and neck. Massage it in well. The skin should feel slightly moist but not too greasy. The cream will nourish your skin as you sleep.

Once or twice a week, apply a mask on cleansed and toned skin. The mask should be applied with the fingertips to the thickness of a dime. Do not allow the skin to show through the mask. Leave the mask on the length of time recommended by the manufacturer and rinse the mask off with tepid water. Follow with a freshener again and follow the nightly treatment procedure.

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